Here is a list of my own links. These are sites I've found over the years that I visit from time to time.

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3D Tool and art related links.

Curious Labs

Curious Labs, the makers of Poser.

Great poser site for forums, free stuff and a cool market place.

Daz 3D

Another great site for everything Poser including the Vickie and Michael models I use.


A great poser site dedicated to Super Hero and Heroine poser models. Full of characters and props and forums.


The naughty side of Renderosity. Full of adult Poser galleries, free items, forums and a store.

CG Trader

20,000 FREE 3D models out of 120,000 3D and 3D Print models in total

Runtime DNA. Another fantastic poser model site with tons of free items and great store items.

Poser Penthouse. Like little anime girls? Well Yamato has some nice cute girl models.

BBilly-T's Factory. Where I got a lot of my Vickie 2 clothes.


Heroine Erotica.

Monsieur Paul's Patreon Page

The Hidden Truth (Adventures of Aquamarine 1) - Mr. Klimstit Amazon Story

The Wrong Address (Adventures of Aquamarine Book 2) - Mr. Klimstit Amazon Story

Southern Justice

Nightwing's brand new Southern Justice vs. Crimson Defiler comic story for sale NOW! NC, preg, bondage, unmasking... it has it all!

My host DanO and his great site. Subscriptions to his site keep mine going (hint hint).

Space Babe Central, home of Mike the Mutant. Some of my stories are there as well. Great scifi fun.

SHIB (Super Heroines In Bondage)

Great super heroine site with promotional pics from other video producers and the owner's own photo shoots and videos.

The SHIB Forum

The discussion forum for Ken's SHIB site and THE place to be for super heroine chat. I visit there regularly.

My pal Nightwing and his amazing Poser site. Awesome characters and a huge library of hot comic book cover scans.

Superheroine's Demise.

Villain's pay site. Great heroine photo stories and movies.

Galaxy of Terror

Not so much super heroine related but a great site for pics, clips and discussion about monster sex.

Sci-fi Sex Central. Tons of links to all sorts of heroine, monster and other naughty sites.

Adult Sexy Games

The home of Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party and Romantic Dares - the best sexy adult games that you can download.

Amazon Culture Village. Some great anime style heroines in rough situations. Includes some super heroine and game girl characters. Very good art. It is in Japanese so sorry, no English.

Links for Bondage is a large bondage link portal with dozens of links to other B&D sites.

Taka's Planet. Nice poser pics of Japanese style super heroines.

Tiger Casanova 3D. A French web site with poser works of heroines.

CCaptured Heroines. A cool poser site with some really nice 3d animations.

AC Comics! Yes a pay site for AC's great comic fems like Tarra, Ms. Victory etc.

Angelo Michael's Poser site.

Rick Wolf's Paysite.

Mile's Heroine Paysite.

3D Monster Stories

Hentai Vampires

Ultra Sexy Heroines

SuperheroineComiXXX. Some fantastic hand drawn art with lots of hot super heroine sex.

Una Mujer Studio. Great art and they do commissions.


FALart. Extreme adult drawings Site description: blog dedicated to 
all kinds of extreme adult artworks, drawings, animations, fakes and so on

Titanville's Smashwords page with all sorts of great Superheroine erotica stories!