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The erotic heroines section is artwork I have done depicting heroines in various compromising positions. For those who ask, I really don't have the time to do requests. I'm also not very versed on current comic heroines so I don't know characters from Gen13 or Glory etc... Besides, most of the current comics are done with Photoshop and are rather sexually explicit already. Older charcters like Supergirl, Wonder Woman etc.. don't get depicted as well and they are the ones I grew up with.


I pulled all pics related to DC and Lara Croft. These seem to be the two most troublesome organizations. Marvel doesn't really care and neither does the new owner for Electra Woman and Dynagirl. Also, AC has made a fuss so their pics are gone as well. Do NOT ask me to specially send the missing pics via email or other means. Part of removal is to not redistribute pics.