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Images in the members area are larger and better quality.


Briaeros Story! Deviant Mutant Soldiers!

The Turtle takes June deep into the sewers only to be caught by Detective Mamba!

Store is Back

I restored the picture stories and movies. I may add other items as time goes on.
Paula Milton now stars in her own porn flic while Green Specter awakes to the coldness of a dildo weilding machine.
Green Specter baited and tricked! Ms. Americana back on her feet. Miss Milton is the star in a new porn video!
Panthris is furious! Teaches her kittens a lesson! And Green Specter gets chewed out!


You'll notice the store is gone. I am reworking it. From now on ALL serial stories will be in the members area permanently. This means you can now see all the serial stories if you join the site. I will no longer sell the serial stories as separate store items. This is due to a combination of things revolving around store costs and pirating. Basically if I sell a product the zip file just ends up on a pirate site and all I am doing is making it easier for people to distribute the material. The older material, since it has zero sales, may go up later or I may just not sell it due to lack of demand. So the good news is you can now see all Serials in the members area. Note the siteis still changing and so there maybe some broken links or missing pics as I get things organized.

Briaeros Story! Deviant Mutant Soldiers!

June is being "interogated" by one of the turtles. Can she handle all that turtle meat?!
Green Specter beaten! But now she's acting strange and Ms. Americana is at her mercy!
Green Specter gets in a cat fight with Panthris's kitties and it doesn't look like she's winning.


New Briaeros Story! Deviant Mutant Soldiers!

Snoopy reporter June O'Neil is investigating the disappearance of attractive women and their use in bizarre experiments. Can she find answers in the city's sewers?!

Merry Christmas 2019! Its MY CHRISTMAS!

I'm going to stop Psycho Santa! NO! I'm going to stop Psycho Santa!

Cat Toy!

Green Specter saves the Mayor. Was it a police distraction? And poor Ms. Americana!

Cat Toy!

OH NO! A turn for the worse! Ms. Americana downed by Panthris's kitty kats!

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