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All products come in a zip file.
You MUST have a valid or working email.
Download links are mailed to you.

To install:
Purchase an installment and copy the zip file to your hard drive.
Extract all contents to your hard drive into any sub folder.
To view, double click on the index.htm file or playme.asx file
 at the root.

Sorry. No CD Sales.
There are no CD sales. This is an archive site for people
to purchase DBC material they missed when the site was open. I will not put
material on a CD and send it to you even IF you bought the download.

Requesting re-downloads.
If you missed downloading a product and need to re-download it,
you can request an auto re-download link at this web page
You will need your order number and the credit
card number you used to purchase the product.
Your card will NOT be charged. The number is
only used to verify you purchased the product.

Order Issues.
Can't download a file?
Credit card won't go thru?
Incorrectly charged?
Please contact surfnet at
Surfnet Technical Support
With your order number and name.

Sorry No Refunds.
I want to warn people up front we cannot offer refunds.
Once you download the product we have no way of getting
the product back if you wish to return it. 

If the zip file you downloaded is defective you can re-download
it following the re-download directions above.

If you do purchase a product that you simply hated, 
please contact our sales mail address and we'll see what we can do. 

Green Specter - Rise of Sutt
Jungle Babe vs The Plant Mistress - Photo story
Jungle Babe - Trapped by the Hunter - Photo story
Daphne The Vampire Hunter! Curse of the True Blood!
Mirror Mirror!
Mutant Crisis!
The Infiltrator - Photo story
Double Agent! - Photostory
Agent Falcon - The Morlock Connection - Photo story
Green Specter - Return of Ghost Pirate!
Ms. Americana: Rise of the Council!
Jungle Tales: Peril of the the Lost Treasure!
Cat and Mouse - Photo Story
Xera - The Terror of Morganthos the Wizard
Sexy Seekers
Sara Kraft - The Curse of Beh' Rezzadd
Kim Li - Revenge of Lord Shredder!
The Trials of Agent Swallow!
Agent Falcon - Slave of the Sultan!
Guest 3D Poser Artist Collection!
Mr. X Special 3D Poser Collection!
Curse of the Gold Spider COMPLETE STORY!
Daphne the Vampire Hunter COMPLETE STORY!
Jungle Babe vs. The White Slavers COMPLETE STORY!
Kim Li: Prisoner of the Plastoids COMPLETE STORY!
Xera, Amazon Princess COMPLETE STORY!


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