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Now you can watch the entire Agent Falcon story COMPLETE and in High Definition 720x480! The complete story is 9 12 minute episodes with a good and bad ending to boot. That's over 120 minutes of hot spy babe action!

Agent Falcon, sexy agent for B.A.B.E., must retrieve a disc that contains a list of agents belonging to S.L.A.M. The only hitch is the disc belongs to the Sultan, the ruthless operator of an illegal white slavery business. Can she infiltrate his harem of brain washed beauties and retrieve the disc or will she also end up as a sexy prize sold to the highest bidder!

Stars the incredible Leslie Culton as Agent Falcon.

Bondage and Gags!
Chloroform Knock Outs!
Fondling and Ravishing!
Costume Stealing!
Girl Fights!
Food Fight!
Spanking and Whipping!
An Elaborate, Entertaining Plot!

Over 120 minutes!
720x480 resolution!
1.1 Gig Download!

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