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Return of the Fishmen!

OH NO! Breast Milkers!

Return of the Fishmen!

Got Chic KOed! Now both are strung up like sides of beef! And what are those weird eggs?

Briaeros! Far Away Four!

Fantastic (see what I did there) new story from Briaeros! The Far Away Four rocket into space to investigate a distress call! What monsterous fate awaits them?

Return of the Fishmen!

Its an AMBUSH! Can the heroines escape?!

On Sale in the Store!!

Pawns of Wae Tu Phatt! Full Story!

Return of the Fishmen!

Got Chic and Azure Team up in hopes they find the wounded monster.

Return of the Fishmen!

Azure Angel shows off her fighting skills! Fighting? Oh I meant submissive BJ skills.

Return of the Fishmen!

Spring fog rolls into Delta City but the fog carries horrors as well. But is Azure Angel going to save the city?

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